The Saturdays Headlines tour.


The Saturdays gig at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall (on a Monday ho ho ho) was actually pretty impressive.

Although I’ve always thought they were alright, I was persuaded to go to the concert by my sister and was fairly convinced they wouldn’t be up to scratch live. But they were alright – Rochelle definitely had the strongest voice live, with Vanessa come a close second.

Their outfits were as glitzy and barely-there as you’d expect from the fivesome who all spent a lot of time flicking their hair and parading their teeny-tiny bodies (I do feel sorry for Vanessa as, although she can’t be more than a size eight, she’s noticeably bigger than the rest of the group who all look like mops with stick bodies and masses of hair).

Their banter between songs occasionally came across as a little fake (especially Una’s chirpiness as I’ve met her before and she was properly moody) but the hits such as Ego, Missing You and Forever is Over were all great to bop along to (although a better view wouldn’t have gone amiss).

The chilled out songs where they all sat on the stage were lovely but it was the upbeat songs where they really came alive and bounced off each other.

The bits between the songs (and during) where a lot of action was happening on the screen behind were great as it really kept people entertained while they were off the stage changing and provided something to look at if you couldn’t really see them on the stage.

Also, I love Mollie’s hair.


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