Daily Post Topic #50 – What would you do with a million dollars?


Well, once again I’m going to change the topic to what I’d do with a million pounds to make it an English answer. I think the first thing I would do right now would be to go on holiday, I’d love to buy plane tickets to New Zealand and then go over there and see my best friend and her lovely baby who I haven’t met yet. That would be amazing just to see her again after four long years of missing her! And of course to see her beautiful little one.

But I’d also love to book and go somewhere and have one of those holidays where you sit and do absolutely nothing except eat, swim and read books. I wouldn’t mind where I went (as long as it was sunny) or who I went with, just to get away and sit by the side of the pool sipping on a cold drink, book in hand, sunglasses on, option of having a dip whenever it gets too hot – sounds like perfection to me.

I’d possibly think about making a move to London earlier than I had expected to. But in the meantime I’d keep working. I don’t think a million in the bank would be enough to allow you to give up work, but also I think I’d go nutty if I didn’t have something to fill my day.

Of course, I would treat my family and my close friends if they needed anything I could help them out with. Would definitely make sure my mom, sister and grandparents were alright.

And then I would go on a massive shopping trip – not to outrageously expensive places, just to get all the items on my wishlist and fill my wardrobes with stuff I loved 🙂


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