The week that was – 20/02/11


So if you’ll allow me to be a bit self-indulgent, I thought I might start posting a bit of a diary entry every now and again. Probably weekly. Daily would be a bit boring – so I woke up, had a shower, got dressed etc! But yes, I figured that (apart from my occasional appearances in photos and reviews) what I actually do with my life isn’t often discussed. Might axe this if it’s hated, here goes anyway…

This week has probably been one of the most stressful of my life! It kicked off with Monday (as all good weeks do) which saw me taking my mocks for the exams coming up in a couple of weeks. If I pass then I’ll be a senior journalist but I’m not getting my hopes up. Then straight from work I rushed over to Wolverhampton to see The Saturdays with my little sister. (See my review blog earlier in the week). It was a lovely evening and nice to see the little one and then spend the night in my old room at home.

On Tuesday I had some time on my own after Momma Bear and Mini had left for work/school so I got to read a magazine and have a bath, how lovely to have a bath as my own flat only has a shower. Then my nan and grandad picked me up and I saw my aunty. Dinner was at my nan’s house and it was lovely to speak to her as I hadn’t seen her since Christmas. Absolutely lovely to see all my family as I miss them a lot when I’m over here.

Wednesday came along and I was back at home and off to work early in the morning to continue preparing for the charity auction – something I’ve been stressing about for yonks. Very little of my time went in to the paper and instead I was getting handy with the Pritt Stick and scissors until about quarter past eight when I admitted defeat and went home for some revision time and very little sleep due to waking up every hour or so in a blind panic.

On Thursday I spent another whole day organising, stressing, sticking stuff down, panicking and probably getting on everyone’s nerves who was helping or just happened to be in the vicinity. But then my lovely friend from work (makes it sound like only one person from work is lovely!) came home with me after work for a quick coffee so that took my mind off things for a while. Terrible night’s sleep again with lots of concealer needed for the bags under my eyes!

Friday finally rolled round and I felt sick with terror. The day was again spent dashing round with everyone really pulling together to make sure the finishing touches were actually finished!  Spent about an hour when I got home just chilling (and trying not to drift off) but then rushed getting ready so felt like my hair was a little wonky, my eyelashes weren’t on properly and one leg was more tanned than the other. The start time rolled round and by this point I was fully shaking with nerves and felt like I was going to yak at any second.

I arrived home at about 1am on Saturday morning having had a fabulous night. Despite the stress of it all, I actually really enjoyed it and we managed to raise some money and most people seemed to go home with a smile on their face so that was brilliant. I did feel a little choked up with all the effort that had gone into the night by everyone and really proud that the people I work with had done such a lovely thing by putting so much time and effort into it all. After a better sleep than I’d had for a long time, I got up and generally lazed around until second job time, making myself a fry up and watching crappy tv after my shift.

Today saw me work another shift at the second job and then have a lovely dinner and a chinwag with one of my favourite people who truly makes me howl with laughter. I’m sure everyone sitting around us did not appreciate the topics of conversation!

All in all, this week has been an absolute buzz. During the middle of the week I felt I was going to go mental with stress but all’s well that ends well and I feel I’m ending the week very happy!


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