Harriet on: mobile phone salespeople.


I really get stressed when mobile phone companies call you up. If I was that unhappy with my current provider, I’d look into it. I’d have a scour round on the internet, pop in to a few shops and have a look what the deals were. Do they really think that I’m dense enough to need someone to call me up, tell me what a good deal they’re providing and sign me up there and then without any opportunity to have a browse around what their competitors are offering?

Well, clearly it must work with some people as otherwise they wouldn’t keep cold calling people. But I can guarantee that the conversation always goes along these lines:

Annoying cold caller: ‘Hi, I’m [insert name here] from [insert company here]. How are you today?
Me thinking I really could be doing something better with my time: ‘Err fine thanks.’
ACC: ‘I want to tell you about some amazing deals we’ve got and see if we can provide you with a better service.’
Me: ‘I’m alright thanks, I’m really happy with what I’ve got and I don’t want to switch to contract.’
[Insert about five minutes of them asking me what deal I’ve got, which happens to be really good considering I’m on PAYG]
ACC: We could do [insert deal which actually isn’t better than my current one].
Me: But that’s on contract yeah?
ACC: Well it is yes.
Me: As I said before, I don’t want to go on contract.
ACC: Well then appears we can’t do you a better deal so unfortunately today we’ve been unable to help you out.

Yes I knew that! I told you at the start of the conversation and I don’t actually recall wanting your help!
What would actually help me out is if someone terminated THEIR contract so they couldn’t call me and waste my life. Kthanksbye 🙂


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