Sarah Harding’s new hair.



The jury is out for the verdict on Sarah Harding’s new hair – personally I quite like it! It’s amazing how much of a difference a quick dye can make to someone’s face and overall appearance. I think she looks a lot older – although I think that’s just generally the case (I suppose Girls Aloud have been in the public eye for many a year now so it’s natural that she should age!) but I definitely think the new sophisticated dark brunette look is working for her. (Also I wish my hair would go into that style but it’s way too long and I’m not making the mistake of cutting it all off again).

As someone who’s been blonde, brunette and a redhead, I’m currently of the opinion that redheads have more fun. I can’t imagine that suiting Sarah but then again, I couldn’t imagine it suiting me before I did it.

So all in all, I think this has been a pretty good move for her, although it does mean there’s no blonde in Girls Aloud and that does seem a little wrong somehow. It’ll be interesting to see if she keeps the new look for her wedding!


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