Bankrupting yourself for an important cause.


Just a little something that quite tickled me this morning:

I was listening to Chris Moyles’ radio show, because I just hate to hear music when I listen to the radio – or maybe it’s because I’m too lazy to retune my radio. Anyway, in their news at 8 o’clock they had a piece about some motoring organisation (I wasn’t fully listening, can you tell?) saying people were driving slower these days to try and save themselves some money on petrol. Then they said they’d spoken to a guy who HAD to use the motorway and was really upset about the price of petrol.

Anyway, his comment comes on and he’s actually moaning because it costs twice as much for him to get up to Manchester to watch the football every week. Now maybe I’m approaching this in too much of a simplistic way, but my first thought was: ‘don’t go’. It’s like people who live in massive houses and complain about the amount of council tax they have to pay – live in a smaller house then!

As I said, maybe that’s a simplistic view of it. I can understand he wants to go and watch the football and it’s probably his main hobby, but come on – he’s not taking his seriously ill relative up the motorway each week for treatment, he’s not going up there to work on the cure for cancer during his spare time, he’s not even going to look after a sick bloody kitten for god’s sake! Surely they could have found someone who had more of a valid reason for travelling?

Now please don’t take this as being sexist, I’m sure some women feel the same way, it just happened to be a man on the radio. I just can’t imagine liking a hobby that much that I would be willing to go on the radio and slag off petrol prices rather than maybe thinking of travelling there less. Or maybe he should relocate? I’ve heard it’s a matter of life and death.


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