Daily Post topic #56 – What keeps you up at night?


Generally I’m really good at getting to sleep at night to be honest, especially if I’ve had a busy day that day. I also like to be in bed fairly early as, even if I don’t have to get up early for work the following day, I still don’t tend to have much of a lie-in.

But the things that do keep me awake or night tend to be the normal every-day stresses everyone has: money, work, if any of my friends/loved ones have problems, if I have to do something the next day. The charity auction I helped to organise last week lost me so much sleep – more waking up throughout the night rather than not being able to sleep when I went to bed.

I tend to get myself to the point where I’m absolutely exhausted before going to bed, or if I go to bed early and read I wait until the point where the words are swimming round the page and my eyelids are drooping before switching off the light.

But in general, I’d say I’m a pretty good sleeper, I need so much to function so it’s a good job really!

xoxo Sweet dreams!


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