The week that was 27/02/11


Birmingham tunnels

Monday was a fairly average, bordering on stressy, day. First up was a day of mock exams in preparation for next week’s big exam day. Then I had an hour or so after work to have a drink with my friend. We pushed the boat out and had a Diet Pepsi and a cordial respectively. Then she went home and I went off to the budget-setting council meeting, getting home around 9.30ish when another of my closest friends who I haven’t spoken to properly in a while called which was great.

Then Tuesday rolled around and that, again, was a fairly unremarkable day. I wrote some stories (makes a change from the auction faffing I’ve been doing lately) and then went home. Think the evening was mainly revision based.

Wednesday and I was off to work again (surprisingly) although had a lovely brunch outing which was nice and then worked through til seven when I went off to a meeting which again lasted til around nine so I wasn’t good for much when I got home.

On Thursday I was fairly excited as my little sister was coming over at the end of work after we’d deadlined this week’s paper. Was just brilliant to spend some time with her and I cooked some dinner while we listened to some music and then I curled her hair and we watched Celebrity Juice before going to bed.

The little one (I say little, she’s really not anymore) came to work with me on Friday so she got to write some bits and bobs and see how everything in the office works, we even managed to get out to do an interview and she got to see a proper Harriet lunch by accompanying me and my friend to Spoons for a bite to eat. I rounded off Friday with some more revision and a long chat with my one of good friends from ‘back home’ which was great.

New shoes - beasts!


rolled round and, after work, I went into Birmingham to meet with two friends and have a mooch around the vintage shop Cow and then go for pizza. A while later we decided on a whim to go out so thus we ended up finding me an outfit in about five seconds flat and then hot-footing it to various houses to pick up stuff and get ready. What then ensued was a truly brilliant night! Loved it.

Of course it was up early today to get into work and then have been doing anything but revision since returning. Uh oh. Need to get on it now and pull my whole log book together ready for an inspection tomorrow.



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