Wishful thinking: five pairs of sunglasses I want in my life when it finally warms up.


Inspired by my bargain purchase of a pair of aviators from Primark, I’ve had a little hunt around on the big bad world wide web and tracked down some of my fave pairs of eyewear for the summer. Of course, at the moment it’s still hovering around -1 degree (if you’re lucky) so it looks a little pretentious to be whipping out the sunnies. Instead I’ve opted for the shuffling round in a massive coat squinting so you look like you have massive problems instead.

If I had to pick a favourite out of the five delights you’ll shortly be scrolling through, I’d say the H&M ones or the American Apparel. Tempted to purchase the H&Ms to be fair. Now keep your fingers crossed for some warmth to go with the glare.


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