Quotes 20.


Editor: Have I got AIDs? I hope not. I can’t rule it out though…everything else is going wrong so…

Editor: I don’t know if he was respectable. He was wearing glasses, he might be a paedophile.

Reporter: Chavvy’s all I have.

Reporter: I’m not stupid.
Editor: Woah woah woah, let’s not make claims we can’t back up.

Editor: I like taps, there’s something reassuring about them.

Editor talking about why pictures were going missing out of the library: Could it be that the county council are cutting all the libraries including our picture library?
Editor 2: You’re the kind of person who gets punched in the face.

Reporter: I was really excited about getting the census but then when I opened it I thought ‘this is shit’. I thought it was going to ask really personal questions like ‘what colour pants are you wearing?’

Editor on the phone to his young daughter: What you going to do today?
Editor 2 under his breath: I’m a child [editor], probably just play with my toys.

Male editor: I’m busy looking at my vajazzle.

Editor: To know there’s someone out there beating off over me would be pretty sweet.

Editor singing: What’s the difference between you and a bucket of sick? The bucket!


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