My 200th post! Harriet on: blogging.


So this is my 200th blog and what a ride it’s been, through celebrity quotes to the quotes of my own insane friends, from celeb style to my own outfits, from music I love to music I hate. I started blogging just because I thought it would be a pretty cool thing to do and I was right, there’s something quite heartening about watching your page views creep up each day and knowing that people are actually reading what you have to say. Although equally sometimes there’s a little bit of fear involved – for example posting up my style pics from the other day.

Blogs these days have become like STIs, everyone’s got one (I’d like to clarify at this point that I do not have the latter). But they’re the 21st century equivalent of a diary – yet one that you leave the keys to with your family, your friends and pretty much every stranger who happens to hit the right combination of keys to find your posts on a search engine.

There’s something amazing about the fact that I can read what someone from across the pond has been eating for breakfast but also something a little bizarre about it. It must be even more weird for older generations who were born in an era where the centrepiece of each lounge was a fire rather than a television – now I can update my Twitter status while I’m on the bus AND luckily for you guys, tell you everything about the World of Harriet! Whoop x


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