The week that was: 13/03/11.


Because I’m actually useless, I always have to use my diary to aide me when doing these weekly posts. However, the diary seems to be evading me right now (might be at work, might be hidden under some junk I’ve neglected to put away, who knows? Life’s an adventure). However, who needs to talk about the week when the weekend was so damn exciting?!

On Friday after work I hopped on the train to go to my nan’s house, was lovely to see her and my grandad and spend some time chatting and generally just having a laid-back time. Then on Saturday my mom picked me up from my nan’s and we went to watch a bit of hockey then had a coffee together and went back to hers (where there was a poorly sick little one, oh no!) for dinner. From there I went off to my ‘other half’s’ house so we could have some girly time getting ready. We hit the town and spent a lot of time dancing, drinking and talking in Texan accents (my new-found talent). After about three hours sleep it was up and off to job number two – feeling like a train had run over me and my face was about to fall off any second. But I lived to tell the tale and after a lovely dinner with one of my friends, I’m back here and ready to sleep for about a million years!

Here’s some pictures you might like to see. If you don’t want to see my week in pictures, then I’d advise you don’t scroll down, shut down the window and do something entirely different with the next thirty seconds of your life.

‘If I don’t see you through the week, I’ll see you through the window’ 🙂


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