The week that was: 20/03/11. A comedy gig, a film, a new tv show.


Although this week I spent a lot of time with some really lovely people,  I want to focus on the things I’ve seen:

The comedy gig:
The lovely people at Artrix in Bromsgrove very kindly offered me two tickets to see Alan Carr’s warm up to his Spexy Beast 2011 tour. Of course, having met him last year while in London and watched various things he’s been in/done and loved them all, I couldn’t turn down the invitation. And boy was I glad! He was absolutely amazing, couldn’t have been funnier. I spent the whole night laughing every five seconds (if not more) and my only complaint is how much my face hurt afterwards from laughing. My full review is here but it’s safe to say I will be highly recommending everyone getting a ticket for the full tour later on in the year.

The film:
I finally got myself round to seeing The King’s Speech this weekend and oh my god it was worth the wait. I can totally see why this film got so much attention (and more importantly, so many awards). It was brilliantly acted by every single person, with no one letting the side down. Of course, the fabulous cast’s faces were very recognisable with a whole raft of great films in their back catalogue. But I just thought it was pitched perfectly, just the right amount of humour, just the right amount of emotion. Perfect.

The new tv programme:
I finally remember to catch up with Friday Night Dinner this weekend. I’m quite glad I watched it (all of the three episodes which have already aired are available on 4OD) as it did provide quite a lot of humour. Agree with some of the comments that I’ve seen that Simon Bird is essentially playing Will from Inbetweeners in it. But hey, if it ain’t broke eh? Love the rivalry between the two brothers and the madcap ways of the dad. Will definitely tune in again (probably three weeks late though!)


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