Harriet on: the census.


Right, I’m going to put it out there. I just don’t understand why everyone is up in arms about the census? Having completed mine today (right on time, go me), I can honestly say they know nothing more about me now than they did yesterday. Unless I missed out the section where they ask you what you had for dinner and when you last went to the loo, there is nothing invasive about the questionnaire.

It essentially asks you your name, age, occupation and address – all information the Government has and could easily access anyway, so why is everyone crying about it? I get the argument that it’s costing millions of pounds but that’s a whole different kettle of fish. I don’t see why anyone would refuse to do it on the grounds that it’s too personal? I’ve divulged more on silly Facebook quizzes than I did on the census. In fact, I was a little disappointed there weren’t more questions on it. Unless you live in a commune with hundreds of other people, it only takes about two seconds to complete.


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