Getting ready for the summer: new shoes.


As the weather hots up, I’ve been eyeing up the beautiful shoes in the shops and trying to find the ideal beauties that are going to take me through the (hopefully) sunny weather. I popped along to Primark (standard!) and snapped up these five:

1. I haven’t had black ballet pumps for ages so thought I needed to get myself a pair, they’re pretty essential aren’t they and go with everything!

2. These are less of a summer look and to be honest, I only tend to wear them for my second job. I’m on my feet for that and need to wear black shoes so these are ideal, so comfy and a bargain at £2.50 – so much so that I wasn’t bothered that my former pair had completely fallen apart after so much wear.

3. How beautiful is the colour of these sandals? They look more blue in the pic but in reality are more of a green. As I have a green cardie and also some bright colours to wear with them (bit of colour blocking), I thought they’d be ideal. There are also some purple ones that I am tempted by. Love the girliness of the frill down the front.

4. Oh leopard print, I can’t get enough of you. These were the first of the five that I donned on my feet, wearing them today with a simple white long top/dress, long navy cardie, leggings and of course a leopard print headscarf to tie the look together. I have a feeling I will be in love with these for a while as my obssession with leopard continues. I have been accused of being the new Bet Lynch but I am completely down with that.

5. At £12 these were the most expensive of the five but they are still so cheap and are proclaimed to be real leather. I think they make my feet look a bit fat at that angle and a bit long from the side but I am so happy with them, I spent all of the summer before last in tan gladiators and I think that colour looks so good in the summer paired with white, cream and various bright or pastel shades. Definitely a winner in my eyes.

So there we go, very happy with the new additions to my shoe cupboard. As the transformation into summer continues, I may try and bag some more brightly coloured sandals (particularly liking the beaded looks seen in places such as New Look) and also some black gladiators.


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