Review: Katie Piper – My beautiful friends.


My absolute tv recommendation for this week has to be Katie: My beautiful friends. (You can watch it here if you haven’t seen it yet). It follows the story of Katie Piper, who was first shown on tv in My beautiful face in 2009 (watch the original show here) after acid was thrown in her face in a horrible attack (story). I don’t see how anyone who has read/seen anything to do with Katie can fail to be inspired by her outlook on life and the brilliant things she has gone on to do since the attack.

I’ve watched both of the programmes in this latest series and both times have just been blown away by that feeling that I really should be more grateful for the things I have in my life. I know it’s a bit cliched and probably sounds a little bit cheesy that I’m saying this but really, how can you fail to admire Katie and the people she’s meeting as part of setting up the Katie Piper Foundation?

I think we’d all do well to think about these people when we’re having a down day, when we’re thinking we look fat or our hair’s greasy. The prejudice people who have been the victim of a terrible accident or attack live life daily with people judging them and really have to deal with a lot – besides obviously all the medical treatment and the trauma of the event itself. I am just totally moved by the courage, strength of character and resistance to whatever life throws at them that each and every one of the people on the programme have shown, most of all Katie.

Tuesdays @ 9pm on C4, watch it!


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  1. What an example Katie is for one so young to have so much courage against all the odds she is truly a success story, out of this terrible act has come so much good and she will continue to help so many others in the future. Her beauty is shining through her parents must be so proud, well done Katie never look back. Wishing you every happiness in your future life.

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