From zero to hero: double denim.


Once the wardrobe staple of slightly seedy looking old men and overweight middle-aged women who had slightly given up on fashion, the double denim trend has come out of the blue and made people suddenly consider putting together items they’d have relegated to separate sides of the wardrobe just last year.

Denim jacket and jeans – go for it! Denim shirts with denim shorts – yeah, why not? It’s the weirdest thing but it’s somehow working this year. I think the key aspect of this trend is not to wear it with blue – I saw a woman the other day who had a denim jacket and jeans teamed with a t-shirt the exact same shade of blue, all she needed was a white hat and some blue facepaint to complete the Smurf look . You know what I’m talking about. Also, in all the photos I’ve seen, those who’ve looked best have teamed items of slightly different hue.

So go for it, don your denim and be proud to be a double-denimer.
Just don’t do this:



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