Harriet on: celebrity relationships.


As another celebrity relationship hits the rocks (Chantelle Houghton and Rav Wilding) the papers are all over it again. Who can blame them really when they make tonnes of money out of the splits of the likes of Cheryl/Ashley, Heather/Paul and Madonna/Guy to name but a few. And of course who can forget the ongoing sagas of Coleen/Wayne, Josie/JohnJames and Rochelle/Marvin. This week: blissfully happy, next week: trouble at sea. It seems very few celebs stand the test of time and even marriages dubbed among the ‘strongest in celebland’ such as Victoria and David are rocked by rumours of cheating. But are they really that different to ‘normal’ people?

I bet if any one of us went on to our Facebook right now, we could scroll through our news feed and find at least one couple who have just split up or had a very public argument. The difference is that’s hardly likely to attract the speculation of the nationals. In a time when it’s more common for children’s parents to be split up than together, it’s the all-too-sad truth that relationships do not last. Long gone are the ‘good old days’ when your grandparents were likely to stay together for seventy years, have children, grow old and grey and eventually peacefully pass away still as in love as ever. I’m forever writing about people reaching their golden, diamond or even platinum anniversaries but I’m not sure the journalists of the future will have the same constant stream of wedding stories. It seems an achievement these days for people to make to seven years, let alone seventy.

And okay, these celebs have masses of money and people like Katy Perry and Russell Brand are always flying across continents to see each other. It’s probably easy to sit there and think they have nothing to stress about. But who said money creates real happiness? It’s precisely this money (and their jobs) that keeps them apart for so long. And thus the allegations of cheating (whether false or true) come out. And then when they DO get the odd moment together, they’re more than likely to have their romantic liason interrupted by a burly bloke with a camera trying to get a picture where one of them isn’t beaming like a fool so they can do a ‘x and y set to split?’ story. Okay, a lot of these people are dying for the attention and there are always rumours of celebs phoning up paps to get these intimate moments photographed. But it must be pretty annoying if you’re in that situation.

So who are we to pick at celebs for their on/off love lives when their lives are actually mirrored on a smaller (and less expensive) scale by people we see every day. It seems the world is full of break ups, make ups, love cheats and quickie marriages these days – it’s just that more people care when the celebs do it.


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