Book review: The Lies We Told by Diane Chamberlain.


I hardly ever buy new books and instead tend to re-read the ones I already have or just borrow them from my mom. But I recently decided to splash out on a couple (I was buying the Peter Mandleson book for Mother’s Day so got Katie Piper’s book Beautiful which is well worth a read – regular readers of the blog will know I think she’s amazing and this look into her life before and after the acid attack is moving, shocking, sad and inspirational all at the same time. I highly recommend it). But the third book I got was The Lies We Told by Diane Chamberlain. I vaguely remembered reading a positive review of it and it’s the kind of book I usually opt for.

I always think the best books are the ones with characters you want to be friends with or truly care about. The ones you can imagine in deep detail and the ones you’re really rooting to do well. I felt exactly the same way about the two main characters in this book- sisters Rebecca and Maya. Although Maya is instinctively the one you feel sorry for, the gentler, more affected by life one, it was Rebecca who I really warmed to by the end.

The book follows their journey with DIDA – an organisation where medical staff help out in areas affected by natural disasters – and their complex relationships with Maya’s husband Adam, as well as their feelings on children. I was completely gripped by the first page and wanted to find out more, with twists and turns until the last page. I really noticed at first the difference between the styles of their chapters – with Maya’s being written in the first person and Rebecca’s in the third – but by the time I’d got a little way in I barely thought twice about it.

This is a book you’ll want to take with you everywhere, I read it sat on a doorstep in the sun, in a coffee shop and on a coach. It’s a book that will really speak to you, especially if you have a younger sister like I do. Issues of family, different types of love and selflessness are explored in a readable and thought-provoking way. Well worth a read!


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