Harriet on: tattoos.


As a tattooed girl myself, I may be slightly biased here but I don’t get what all the fuss is about? Time after time I hear people complaining about those who have been inked – phrases like ‘ruined career chances’ and ‘what about when you’re old?’ are bandied about like nobody’s business but how many people have actually lost out on a job or had a terrible retirement due to their tattoos?

Okay, there are extremes – even I tend to be a bit wary of people who have massive tattoos over their faces and sometimes it can be a tad inappropriate to have your tattoo of a naked lady on display, but in the main they tend to be fairly unobtrusive. Plus those who are heavily tattooed tend to be people in industries where it doesn’t matter – has anyone ever seen anyone as tattooed as a tattoo artist?

I think as long as people make informed choices – for example, mine are on my foot, back and wrist, all easily hideable places – then there’s no reason why they can’t have the designs they want and go about their daily business with no difference to before. Plus by the time I’m old (a) there will be much quicker ways of getting them removed if they really are that unsightly and (b) EVERYONE will be tattooed. Plus I’m not thinking I’ll be rocking the backless-dress look when I’m 80 in all fairness.

My only bugbear with tattoos is when people just go to a tattoo place, stick their arm out and get the tattoo they happen to be pointing at. Why would you put that little thought in to something that will more than likely be on your body for life? Fair enough if you get a comedy one that means something to you – my friend has a panda because her name is Amanda and thus she gets called Panda all the time. But don’t just get some random squiggle which has no relation to your life whatsoever.

Anyway, must dash – off to get the number 74.5697 tattooed on my face. Just because.


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  2. Dave and I are thinking about tattoos, I really would like one but a couple of things put me off. The pain, the fact I change my mind all the time and the cost of one. I’m not sure what I would want, I have a couple of ideas but then it’s like where to have it?? Hmm I defiantly need to think about it more. x

    • Pain factor you can definitely get over. I’m not gonna lie, it does hurt. But then I always think it’s only gonna hurt while it’s being done and then you’ve got it there for the rest of your life.
      Cost is also not that high if you think about the fact you’ve got it forever, not like a new pair of shoes!
      But definitely agree on the changing your mind, don’t get it done til you know exactly what you want otherwise you’ll deffo end up regretting it 🙂 xxx

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