Quotes 22.


Photographer: Does anyone know where Worcester Hospital is?
Reporter: Worcester.

Editor: Walsall is the armpit of civilisation.

Editor on the phone: Yeah we have to do a head count each day to see whether anyone else’s been cut.

Property exec: I want to go outside and sit in the sun. I don’t think my computer would work any slower out there. Unplugged.

Editor: Sometimes your creativity is stiffled by your tight pants.

Editor: Unfortunately I’ve done something today you wouldn’t be proud of.
Photographer: Pooed yourself?

Editor: Is it beavers who use their arses to scent stuff or is it chipmunks?

Editor: I love ducks. I hate people who beat them up.
Photographer: They taste nice.

Editor: It’ll be funny if there’s a bus crash or something.

Reporter with a cold: Can someone shoot me? I think I might be lame.

Editor sings in the middle of silence: I’ve got a heavy horse.

Editor on the phone: I’ll give you my number *starts reading out number* oh no sorry, that’s your number.


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