Harriet on: seasonal clothing decisions.


I absolutely hate dressing for those stupid in-between days when it either looks fairly sunny but is a little bit nippy or is overcast but humid. I mean seriously, what are you meant to do? Winter’s fine – you whack on a cardie, coat, tights, boots, scarf, hat etc. and make sure as much of you is layered up as possible. Summer involves so little effort it’s crazy, sandals and a dress, put a cardie in your bag in case it cools down – bingo.

But days that we’re getting at the moment? I step out in a jacket and am immediately sweltering or (like today) I have a moment of insanity and don’t take a coat with me and then end up shivering all the way home. What’s it to be weather?

Although while I’m at it, I would like to personally thank the sun for making an appearance over the Bank Holiday weekend – bliss!


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