Quotes 23.


Editor: I’ll be honest, this is the worst election coverage since the last time I did some election coverage.

Editor: Basically Harriet wants an owl in her nest.

Editor: I’m supposed to be deadlining but I’m actually googling the actress who used to play Claire Peacock to see what she’s doing now.
Reporter *looks at clock*: She’s probably in the shower.

Editor: Michael Jackson wasn’t gay, he was just a paedophile.

Editor being told he couldn’t change his quotes on the blog: Go fuck yourself, yeah you can quote that as well.

Reporter on a slow news day: Do you think Bin Laden ever came to Redditch or Bromsgrove?

Editor: Look at that big fat woman…oh she’s pregnant.

Editor: What’s the number for the police?
Reporter: 999.

Editor: To be honest, I see no problem in eating chavs because then at least they’ve contributed to society.

Editor: Pants or no pants, you’re no good to me.

Editor: When I build sandcastles, I lose myself for an hour or two.

Editor 1: What are you doing? What are you doing? If you put anything about badgers on my board you’re dead.
Editor 2: It’s about horses.
Editor 1: Ohhhh *puts head in hands*


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