It’s life, but not as we know it…


I have to say, I didn’t think I would take to the cast of Made in Chelsea in the same way as I did with The Only Way is Essex. Four episodes in, I’m still not sure it’s on a par but it’s trashy, terrible and full of people you love to hate and hate to love – just my kind of show.

The thing that makes me really laugh is how none of them have real jobs, they pretty much all just do bits and pieces, or jobs that allow them to swan around having massively extended brunch breaks – sounds great. Most of them live off mommy and daddy’s money and can jet off someone exotic at the drop of a hat!

But I guess there’s something likeable about most of the characters. I think the way Caggie dresses is pretty cool and the whole Caggie/Spencer/Funda love triangle is quite interesting. There are some pretty annoying girls in it though, Cheska is a bit irritating and I’m not keen on Amber, the jewellery girl.

It seems we’re now getting a swarm of these “unscripted” reality television shows where “some of what you’re seeing has been set up purely for your entertainment” and there’s this massive debate about how scripted it actually is. But I like to forget about all of that and just immerse myself in all the spoilt-rich-kid madness while not so secretly lusting after the massive hair.


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