You’re distinctly average! *points*


’16 of Britain’s brightest business minds.’
God help us all, that’s all I’ll say. If they changed it to ’16 of the world’s biggest idiots’  it might be more accurate. Now I haven’t been watching it long, so I’d like to think they used all up the clever people in the first couple of series so had to revert to some random doidges they picked up off the street. But from what others have said to me, this doesn’t appear to be the case unfortunately.

Now I have no business sense whatsoever, but I’d like to think even I could do better than these people. Hell, even the slightly mangy (but adorable all the same) donkey I saw in town this afternoon could probably make some better decisions than these people.

You’ve got scary, scary, scary Zoe. I’m sure she could make me do anything with one of those withering looks.
Then there’s annoying moany pest Susie, who might actually do okay if she stopped whining enough to say something other than ‘it’s not fair’.
Leon and Natasha are just non-entities really, they’re just there to make up the numbers.
Tom is HILARIOUS, I’m sure he’d be absolutely thrilled if Lord Sugar gave him a job darning his socks for a penny a day. He’s got a slightly ‘Heat weird crush’ geek look going on, so we hope he stays in.
And then there’s Glenn who looks vaguely like Max George from The Wanted. Scary Jim. Oh and probably some other people I’ve forgotten because they’re so mind-numbingly average.

One things for sure, watching idiots eff up is so much more amusing than watching people who are actually good at these things.

My other over-riding observation from this year’s Apprentice is based on this week’s unlucky evictee Edna. Who wears silver lipstick?


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