‘A bit about me’…the edited version.


A thought struck me last night as I lay in bed thinking about nothing in particular and it was this – in that little section on your CV where you tell your potential employer what you’re like as a person, giving the meat on the bones of your qualifications and work experience so to speak, can you imagine if you told them your real hobbies?

Instead of reading something like this: In my spare time I enjoy socialising, keeping fit, reading, keeping up to date with current affairs etc etc.

It might read something like this: When I’m not at working I enjoy whinging with my friends about work, eating pizza in my pyjamas, watching Judge Judy and Jeremy Kyle, going out and getting absolutely monged by throwing as many vodkas down my neck as physically possible in the shortest amount of time and most of all I really enjoy sleeping.

Although anything written along those lines would probably horrify an employer would it not just be easier if we had a kind of ‘hobby amnesty’ in CVs and interviews. After all, surely their eyes must glaze over at the 100th ‘keen socialiser’. And what does ‘socialising’ actually mean? Basically I am able to converse with people in a non-work situation. In essence, I am a person who has learned how to speak to other people. Not as much of an achievement as drinking eight pitchers of Woo Woo and still being on your feet surely?


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  1. Harriet, you are my Hero.

    For you…

    My hobbies/interests include: complaining about work/friends/men/money/life in general, eating donuts, spending the day monging in pjamas then feeling unsatisfied with life, procrastination of any kind, wearing novelty hats, wishing i had every episode of sabrina the teenage with on dvd, comparing my life to those of tv characters, getting absolutely hammered and no I do not have any problem coming into work the morning after providing noone speaks to me or looks at me.

    Would you hire me?

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