Made in Chelsea – Series 2 Episode 1.


Just some thoughts:

Spencer’s new haircut = we like. It actually (and it disgusts me to write these words) makes him a little bit fanciable. His new div of a mate (Jamie was it – the one who looks like Gordon Ramsay anyway) is an idiot, his crestfallen look when he was taken to task by his bank manager for going on three holidays in a month was priceless.

Hugo is being a bit of an idiot, as annoying as Millie is that new one looks like her lips have been a bit too close to the end of a Dyson when it’s been turned on. Also she needs to close her mouth when listening to other people to try and make herself look a little less dense.

I miss Caggie! So glad she’s coming back next episode as she blatantly makes the show and I also want to see what happens between her and Spencer when she comes back. People like Rosie and Amber are just plain annoying compared to her, definitely the best girl!

New girl (and Topshop heiress) Chloe seems alright and completely into Ollie but he is still as annoying as ever with Pinky and Perky always hovering in the background as if they’re afraid to let him doing anything, even as simple as having some toast, without them.

Obviously the most hilarious thing about it all is the awkward stares they do at the end of every conversation.
Still, with MIC back on our screens now and TOWIE set to return on Sunday I’m well and truly happy!


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