X Factor – counting down from nine…


Okay so the good:

– Johnny. I know it’s all a bit cabaret and last night’s performance wasn’t amazing but I absolutely love him to bits. He seems like he’s just enjoying every second and is genuinely humbled by the support out there for him. He was deffo at his best last week doing the jazz number.

– Mischa. She’s a massive bully (allegedly) and steps out each week wearing outfits fashioned out of old Quality Street wrappers (apart from this week where she basically became Tina Turner). But no one can deny she puts on a good show. I think she’ll win in all honesty or at least reach the final.

– Craig. Loved the biscuit boy from his first audition, Heaven last night was lovely and I think he’ll also be in the final joined by…

– Marcus. Loved him doing Reet Petite last night! I just think he’s lovely.

– Kitty. I felt a slight bit of vom in my mouth for putting Kitty in the ‘good’ category. I’m trying really hard to hate her performances, honestly I am. But as annoying as she is off-stage there’s really something about her.

– Little Mix. They’re cute. Loved the doll routine last week. The blonde one’s a really good singer.

The bad:

– Janet. I quite liked her at the start but god it’s all gone a bit downhill from there. All a bit samey, all a bit boring, all a bit let’s go and put the kettle on while she’s on. Her hair did look nice last night though, I’ll give her that one.

– The Risk. Just not a fan, plain and simple.

And the ugly:

– Frankie.  Someone needs to wash the boy. And kick him out of the competition. Who are these girls who are falling for his ‘charms’? Whoever they are, someone better be handed out STI tests to them.


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