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Vintage goodies – a new dress, cape and jacket.


So these purchases are a little old now, I’ve probably had them for about a month. But my camera’s given up the ghost and I’ve managed to lose the cable for my phone somewhere so it’s taken me ages to get them on the computer. Apologies for the shoddy quality of these but I wanted to show you!

I love, love, love the pattern of this dress. It feels so autumnal as soon as I put it on! I’ve worn it a few times and tend to wear it in the same way – with my brown Primark riding boots, sometimes a tan belt, big earrings and my hair up. It’s just so easy to wear and was in the sale at Cow so I got it for a massive bargain.

I thought this was the perfect jacket for work with its cute collar, buttons and houndstooth pattern. So far I’ve only worn it once but I reckon I’ll get tonnes more use out of it in the spring when it’s warm enough to just wear this over a little dress. Check out Dammit Janet here.

And finally! This is Sherlock my beautiful cape. Again, apologies for the absolutely shoddy quality but it’s a dark green and black pattern with flecks of lighter colours through. I absolutely fell in love with it and as soon as I had it on I knew it had to be mine. It goes so well with my boots and I know it’s something I will keep for years and years. So beauts. More information about Redditch Vintage Fair here.


Vintage fair and a little bit of a catch up…


Well it’s been another crazy mad week for me with plenty of work and a little play thrown in for good measure, a night out with the momma bear, moving house, the vintage fair and probably much more I’ve forgotten!

As always I didn’t come away empty handed from the fair but I managed to restrain myself to just one purchase – a lovely cushion made by my friend Emily from vintage fabric which matches the colour scheme in my new room.

Anyone in Redditch should definitely pop down to the fair on Saturdays 10-4 as it’s amazing. Not only have you got Forever Vintage – Emily’s range of beautiful cushions, tea sets and cake stands – but there’s also some fab vintage clothes and homeware.

New items in my wardrobe…


1. Very cheap little dollies from Primark but my other ones are falling apart and I thought these were a cute colour.
2. Again a Primark special but v.good for the winter I feel is just around the corner.
3. Little scarf/pashmina things. They were only a POUND each from this weird little shop in my home town. Lovely for putting round your shoulders like a granny at work 🙂
4. Comfiest jumper ever from H&M! I am definitely getting myself prepared for some harsh weather.
5. Yes, yes, these do look like pyjamas but they are in fact harem trousers from the aforementioned little weird shop where the music was too loud!

1.  Thought it was high time I bought new Barry M nailvarnishes as I haven’t had any for…ooh…at least a month. Went with these two as I kinda like the idea of having grey nails with some silver rings on. And the other colour is a little more cherry like than my purple ones.
2. I love these booties from New Look! Very similar to my other little ones in this post but a wedge heel. Feel they will be getting a lot of wear at work.
3. They have so many leopard print scarves in Cow at the moment, I was literally in heaven. But went for this one as it’s black and white so a little different to my others. You can never have too much leopard print right?
4. This scarf is my favourite new thing ever. I’m going to post about the Redditch Vintage Fair soon as I had my first experience there last week and absolutely love it. But this is from there anyway, I spotted it and loved it and then I realised it had loads of little Hs and some big Hs on it so it HAD to be mine. Also got a grey leopard print jacket from there which I love but haven’t got with me in the homeland to take a picture of 🙂
5. Plain over the knee socks from Primark, they might be going with my playsuit for a night out on Saturday.
6. This is from Cow and I kinda fell in love with it and felt I could give it a new home 🙂