Picture by Dave Cox.

“The magic is inside you.” 

Blogging. Leopard print. The smell of a novel. Semi colons. The film Madagascar. Nail varnish. The Lonely Hearts Club at Spoons. Ice cream. Cardigans. Vintage. Going home. Big hair. The girls. Writing. Big rings. Hello Kitty. Kangaroos. Random conversations in taxis on the way home. Dolly Parton. Walks with the iPod on. Fur coats. Scarves. Beehive hairdoos. Monkeys. Taking your eyelashes and heels off at the end of the night. Dancing on 2nd. Hot chocolate in bed. Tattoos. Long phone calls. Heat magazine. Song lyrics.


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  1. Love your crazy ramblings and that your now putting a fashion element into the blog. We must hang out and do a photo shoot, I shall create you a great image and edit it for you to use. We can do a mini shoot and bring lots of clothing and accessories and style us up!! It will be so much fun and the best bit we can both blog about it he he… Miss seeing you and loved your daily outfits! Hope to see more of them! xx

    • Definitely want to do this :)) we so have to make time! I know we keep saying it but it’s so true, would be mega fun.

      I’m still doing my daily outfit pic so you will have some more to have a gander at at the end of Feb xxx

      • Well I’m off every Sunday so maybe on Sunday?? If your able to come to b’ham you could stop over on the Sat and we do cool photos on the Sunday… I have so many good locations near my house, we can shoot it. Plus Dave can take our photos so we can both be in them!! xx

    • I’ll come and stop as long as that’s alright with you :)) Have set up my Facebook blog page, done my ‘find me’ for Twitter and FB, sorted out my blogroll and started adding tags to some of my posts. Gonna have to go to bed now though as I’m shattered and hopefully do more in the week xxx

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