Boots, postcards, belts and more – a trip to Leeds.


While on a shopping trip to Leeds this week I didn’t actually intend to buy anything but ended up snapping up a few bargs. The first place we went into was Primark and I saw this set of three skinny belts. I always like to have a few options and my brown ones are pretty much worn out now so thought I’d replace and now handily have a light patterned one and a denim-look one to add to my collection:

And then while in the shoe section I came across a lovely pair of tan heeled boots. I’ve been thinking about some heeled boots for a while and these were reduced to just a fiver (£5! Unbelievable). They also had them in black and my friend snapped up a pair of them but I opted for the brown ‘uns 🙂

Our next stop off was a little shop called Octopus as my friend was searching for a present. It’s a really cute little colourful shop (I think they have a website as well) selling little trinkets and the like. Anyway I spotted this little piggy bowl and had to have it. I think I’m going to take it to work to nosh out of:

And while we were going through all the little arcades off the main street we found a shop selling funny postcards and cards. I found this one fairly amusing (apologies for not remembering the name of the shop):

And last but by no means least I went to H&M and found this playsuit for half price. I quite want to save it for my birthday celebrations in July but I’m so in love with it that it may find its way out before then. Coming soon to a ‘What I Wore’ blogpost near you!

And why not have a pic of my lovely new family of purchases together:


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    • Thank you 🙂 I think I am going to try and save it til my birthday night out – which I have invited you to on Facebook but understand if you’re in London you probably won’t make it! But you are more than welcome to come if you’re around.
      I think I’m going to try and pair it with a bright colour – maybe a blue or a turquoise. It needs a belt to break up the pattern and I don’t want to use a brown or black belt. Will have a look round, I have plenty of time 🙂 xxx

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